Sunday, 5 December 2010

Welcome to Nonlinear Systems (HT 2011)

Here is lots of relevant information for the HT 2011 iteration of the Nonlinear Systems course (Maths B8b).

Handwritten lecture notes from HT 2010 are available both here and at the site maintained by the Mathematical Institute. Typed versions of the lecture notes are available at the latter site. Note that I will sometimes say things in lectures that aren't in the other notes, so it is useful to come. (I have been known, for example, to hint at things that I think are good problems to ask.)

The mock exam (plus solutions) that I made in 2010 is posted. I suggest taking that as a practice exam when you're studying for the exam. There will ultimately be a revision session to go over those questions, so you'll want to take this under Examination conditions (though you don't need to wear sub fusc).

I have already posted the 4 problem sheets for the course.

Lecture times for HT 2011: M, W: 11:00 am - noon, MI, L1

The tutors are Mason Porter (2 classes), Konstantinos Zygalakis (2 classes), and Chong Luo (1 class). The TAs are Sofia Piltz (2 classes), Alhaji Cherif (2 classes), and Matt Webber (1 class).

There will be 5 classes:

1. Mason + Alhaji, even weeks (2,4,6,8); Thursday 10:30-12, DHSR2

2. Mason + Sofia, odd weeks (3,5,7,1); Thursday 10:30-12, DHSR2 (+ we'll see for TT 1)

3. Kostas + Alhaji, even (2,4,6,8); Fridays 10:30 - noon, DHSR3

4. Kostas + Sofia, odd (3,5,7,1); Fridays 10:30 - noon, DHSR3 in weeks 3 and 5, L3 in week 7 (+ we'll see for TT 1)

5. Chong + Matt, odd (3,5,7,1); Mondays 2 - 3:30 pm, DHSR1 in weeks 3 and 5, DHSR3 in week 7 (+ we'll see for TT 1)

There will also be a special classe (given by Kostas) to provide an introduction to Matlab. The timing for this still needs to be determined, but there will likely be two duplicate sessions in week 3. In the meantime, please download Matlab by following relevant links on the Mathematical Institute website.

Homework due times are as follows: Assignments for Thursday and Friday classes are due Mondays at 1pm, and assignments for the Monday class are due Thursdays at 1pm. Use the box for your section that has been placed in the basement of the Mathematical Institute.

Let me know if I missed anything.

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